11 Best Electric Shaver With A Nose Trimmer

While an electric shaver is crucial for just about anyone, a nose trimmer is quite handy, as well. Luckily, there are many electric shavers that come with an included nose trimmer attachment. Some even come with other useful accessories. 

For whichever reason, you’re interested in an electric shaver with a nose trimmer, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 11 best and highest-rated options.

In Short, Here Are The Highest-Rated Electric Nose Trimmers On The Market

  • Philips Norelco
  • Prolife
  • Roziapro
  • Roziaplus
  • Wahl Model 9870-100
  • Tiklean
  • Paitree
  • Roziapro 2018

1. Philips Norelco

Electric Shaver With A Nose Trimmer

First up, the Philips Norelco is an excellent electric shaver that also comes with an included nose trimmer. Coming with the purchase, you get a travel hard case, as well. 

Users Say: “I had a 20-year-old Philips Norelco shaver, even with new shaver heads was not great. This one is lighter, faster, and gives a better shave.”

2. Prolife

Electric Shaver With A Nose Trimmer

Not only does the Prolife come with an additional nose trimmer, but it’s also a shaver, hair clipper, facial cleansing brush, and sideburn trimmer. Another beneficial attribute to consider is its IPX5 waterproof capabilities enabling wet shaving. Overall, it’s a great value for the price. 


Users Say: “Actually shocked by that this product has so many functions with replaceable applicators. My boyfriend tried out the mustache shaving, nose hair grooming, cleanser applicator functions. Quiet while using and easy to clean. Great product to buy.”

3. Roziapro

Like the previous one, the Roziapro is a 5-in-1 electric shaver, as well. Nonetheless, this one comes with an additional beard trimmer along with a nose trimmer. It’s a wildly popular choice and decently rated amongst users.

Users Say:This is such a good product for such a great price. It comes with many different attachments. It has a very nice cut and the razor is very well made. Makes a great gift for a friend or for yourself.”


Running below $40, the HATTEKER is an inexpensive electric shaver with an additional nose trimmer. Out of most choices in this price range, it’s the highest-reviewed amongst users and one of the more trustworthy options. It provides a standard electric facial shaver, nose trimmer, beard trimmer, and brush for cleaning. You’ll also enjoy the integrated LED display. 

Users Say: “Arrived on time. Shaves better than other electric shavers he has bought. I’m happy because it can be used underwater or just regular dry skin. It comes with 3 other parts that you can replace and use as your purpose. The nose hair trimming attachment is fantastic and better than any I have used so far. Really good shaver.”

5. Roziaplus

Even though the Roziaplus isn’t necessarily the highest-rated or most popular choice on the market, we believe it’s worth an honorable mention. It has a delightfully light white appearance.

With 5 features, you can dry shave your face, trim your beard, trim your nose, wet shave, or trim your body hair. Unfortunately, many users claim it stops working in less than a year. On the flip side, it’s also extremely inexpensive. 

Users Say: “I bought this for my son for his 19th birthday. It came right on time. He really likes the slim design and said it doesn’t make a loud noise and the battery life is long. What he likes the more most about this razors is that it has a nose hair trimmer and you can charge it via your laptop. Very convenient. Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice present for men!”


Also coming with a handy nose trimmer, the SURKER is a dependable electric razor for a number of reasons. It has a waterproof build, an incorporated LCD display, a 1-hour battery life, and sturdy build quality for the low price. 

A few other beneficial qualities it provides are the cleaning brush and hair trimmer. Not only does it have our endorsement, but it’s also well-received among customers. 

Users Say: “Very good razor, much better than the double heads used before. All the fuselage can be washed with water, eliminating the annoying cleaning work. This electric shaver shaves more quickly and cleanly, fast charging effect, is very smooth to use, can be shaved to the roots, easy to clean up. Also brought a nose hair trimmer, the combination of the two is just too easy to use!”

7. Wahl Model 9870-100

Recently, the Wahl Model 9870-100 had a hefty price cut of 13% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck. 

One of the most prominent features that you wouldn’t typically see in its price range is the self-sharpening blades. Not only that, but you’ll love that it’s made in the USA, as well. Another thing you’ll enjoy is the adjustable vacuum setting on the razor for suctioning hair directly into the chamber. 

With 90 minutes of charging, you get an extensive 90 minutes of battery life. While it’s not the best-reviewed on the list, it’s certainly a contender worth considering! 

Users Say: “I really was quite satisfied with this trimmer kit. The vacuum feature is awesome, and since I also make a mess while trimming my beard, my wife really loves it too! It makes trimming a breeze and I don’t spend a whole bunch of time as I did with my previous trimmer. One thing I would change is having the heads easier to put on and take off. But if that’s my only complaint, I’d say that’s pretty good. I’m also really digging the nose trimmer. It tickles but it gets those pesky hairs that catch boogers and people stare at. All in all, great product, and I’d purchase it again.”


Next up, the PRITECH is a reliable electric shaver. In addition to the included nose trimmer, you also get a useful mane shape trimmer. It’s compatible with both wet shaving and dry shaving, as well.  The primary trait that certainly comes in handy is it’s entirely resistant to water allowing you to shave and groom in the shower! 

Users Say: “Honestly, I did not expect this trimmer to work as well as it does! Completely shaved everything and it doesn’t prick you either. The nose trimmer attachment works great too! (They never work on other trimmers) 10/10 definitely recommend!”

9. Tiklean

The Tiklean is a fabulous choice to consider at a budget-friendly price. Along with the hyperflex technology for seamless facial curve transitions, this shaver is waterproof, has a built-in LED display, and offers a 90-minute battery life.

Users Say: “Little thing has some power to it. That said, depending on the hair thickness you might get some pulling. Would recommend using it every day To maintain ease of use and not having to clean it out multiple times per-use.”

10. Roziapro 2018

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive electric shaver with an include4d nose trimmer, look no further than the Roziapro 2018. There are a plethora of reasons why it dramatically overperforms the price range by a sizable margin. 

This shaver is a 5-in-1 with a facial razor, nose trimmer, beard trimmer, sideburn trimmer, and brush. A few other honorable mentions are its incorporated 3D floating system, IPX7 waterproof construction, battery life indicator, quick charge time of 1 hour, USB charging, and sturdy build quality for the meager price. Even though it’s not the highest-quality option on the list, it’s certainly an amazing value! 

Users Say: “My boy loves the affordable and functional new electric shaver. He adores its USB charge cordless, it takes about 1 hour to get fully charged and lasts him more than a week to use every morning for about 8 minutes. There’s a numeric indicator to tell the battery level, a tap sign reminds him to wash the shaver and a battery sign shows charging status. He has tried other functions of the shaver and found it is very useful like it is a beard razor, a hair cutter, a nose trimmer, and a facial cleansing brush. All included accessories are pretty thoughtful and helpful to avoid buying other beauty tools for a young man LOL”

11. Paitree

Last but not least is yet another electric razor with IPX7 waterproof capabilities. In addition to the Paitree’s included nose trimmer, it also comes with a cleaning brush, sideburn trimmer, standard facial shaver, and hair clipper with various guide combs. 

On a full battery after 90 minutes of charging, it delivers a 1-hour battery of continuous use. It’s wildly popular and has decent reviews amongst users. 

Users Say: “Wow. It works well and doesn’t cut your head. It doesn’t cut the skin as directly as a good razor, but it can do the job. It’s fully charged when it’s turned on. I immediately took a shower and started using it. It only took me 10 minutes to shave my entire head. I don’t need to go to a place more than two or three times. It feels good too. It’s not slippery. I also cleaned it, which is also a simple procedure following the manual. It is used with a beard trimmer, nose trimmer, cleaning brush, and facial prep brush.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Electric Shaver With A Nose Trimmer For The Money

  • Philips Norelco
  • Prolife
  • Roziapro
  • Roziaplus
  • Wahl Model 9870-100
  • Tiklean
  • Paitree
  • Roziapro 2018

Why use an electric shaver rather than a traditional razor? 

While traditional razors require attention to detail and the use of shaving cream, electric shavers are more convenient. Furthermore, they irritate the skin less than a traditional razor. You’ll also save money down the road with an electric shaver since traditional razors are disposable and require the use use of costly shaving cream. 

Does an electric razor shave your face faster than a traditional razor?

Electric razors are faster at shaving your face than traditional razors. Therefore, if you highly value your time, a high-quality electric shaver is your best option. If you want to keep your shave quick and pain-free, shave with an electric shaver once every day or once every other day. The longer you go without shaving makes for a more timely and less-comfortable shave. 

Which shave is closer between a manual razor and an electric shaver? 

The primary advantage of a traditional manual razor is it delivers a closer shave than an electric shaver. However, the difference isn’t too noticeable. 

Is an electric shaver better for your skin?

Since electric shavers deliver a less irritating shave and manual traditional razor often cut the skin, electric shavers are arguably better for the skin. On the flipside, cheaper electric shavers can irritate your skin, as well. Your best bet for the most comfortable shave is to use a high-quality electric razor and shave once a day.

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